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~Graham Cook – VIDEO

~Peter Brown – VIDEO

European Car Repair Des Moines

“I appreciate our relaxed relationship. Everybody knows who we are I feel like we belong here. It’s ‘our’ place.”

~Peter & Lisa Brown




~AmyJo Reimer-Myers – VIDEO

European Car Repair Des Moines“For 25 years we’ve trusted Beckley’s to tell us what our vehicles need. We’ve never had reason to complain.”

~Anne Carothers-Kay




European Car Repair Des Moines“Everyone is so helpful and friendly. That’s very nice.”

~Chuck & Ellen Corwin

“People knowing who you are and greeting you is important to me. I also appreciate the front desk people, they know what they’re talking about. I have a sense when they’re done I’ve paid a fair price.”

~Chuck Corwin

“When they service my Volvo I get a written report. They don’t just say everything’s OK. I get a timeline for what’s due and what can wait for later. That’s very helpful to me so I can budget for it.”

~Ellen Corwin

European Car Repair Des Moines

“When anyone mentions car repair, I tell them to talk to the people at Beckley’s. They know import cars.”

~Pam and Greg Kenyon – Des Moines




European Car Repair Des Moines

“Steve and his team are wonderful about keeping my car going. It’s everything I could ask”

~Linda Grady




European Car Repair Des Moines

“All of our cars get great treatment at Beckley’s and so do we. We trust Beckley’s.”

~Liz Neumann – Customer 22 years




European Car Repair Des Moines

“They listen to me. They do what they say, on time. I trust Beckley Imports.”

~Marian Mullette





European Car Repair Des Moines

“What’s not to love about Beckley’s… always friendly and professional. They deliver what they promise.”

~Sharon Vickery – Volvo Owner




European Car Repair Des Moines

“We tell our friends we’ve been treated like family.”

~Kent & Cynthia Wanamaker – Mercedes & Audi Family

“I just don’t have to worry about them doing what they say or finding things that may not be needed. I can’t tell you how many times the guys have told me, ‘This is a potential situation but it doesn’t need attention right now. We’ll keep an eye on it’. To me, that says a lot.”


“I remember a situation where my window fell into the door as I was driving kids in a rainstorm on Interstate 80. I drove it straight there and the guys fixed me up. Being able to get help when I need it is huge.”


European Car Repair Des Moines

“I plan to keep my 2000 Volvo fifteen plus years. With the assistance of Beckley’s trained technicians and staff, I’m confident I can reach that goal.”

~Wanda Wendt



“Beckley Imports is an absolutely outstanding auto service center–they have taken service to a whole new level and their prices are extremely reasonable.”

~Steve Roberts

“It’s nice to be able to call and trust the information we’re given. I appreciate your honesty.”

~Dawn Roberts

“Had a lot of work done on my 1984 Porsche 944. It has never run better. I’m a long time customer and I’ll always come back. Thanks!”

~Steve Karlin

“I am a very paranoid person when it comes to car repairs. Beckley Imports was referred to me by a friend and they did a great job on my Benz and the fuel issue it had. I will be a return customer.”

~Scott C.

“Just payed about 5k to have my Audi TT repaired. The thing is I couldn’t be happier to pay you guys to do it because I know it is being repaired the right way. Best auto shop in Iowa!”

~Brett Fine

“Hearing the friendly voice greet you and have your vehicle well taken care of is all part of why we have been long term Beckley customers.”

~Liz N


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