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Oil Changes Every 3,000 Miles? Not So Fast…

Did you know automobile oil never wears out? It’s the additives in oil that help keep your engine clean and protected that cause the problems. Plus, oil gets dirty and abrasive from combustion contaminants which leads to sludge* and premature wear. *We see more engine failures from sludge than old age. Sludge occurs from using […]

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Make Selling Your Car More Profitable

At some point, you’re probably going to decide it’s time for a new car. Maybe you need more space for a growing family, or you’re downsizing to a smaller vehicle as an empty-nester. Or maybe you want to unload a gas-guzzler for a more fuel-efficient auto. When you look at selling your car, you can get more money by simply […]

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Keep Your Car Cool in Iowa’s Extreme Heat

The recent heat wave here in Des Moines basically has us melting and remembering with fondness winter snow storms. While we rely on the air conditioning in our homes, offices and cars to save the day, we don’t usually think about other critical auto maintenance necessary in Iowa summer’s extreme heat. Stay on top of tire […]

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Pamper Dad – And His Car – This Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is coming up quickly – June 19th – and your brain is probably scrambling to come up with the perfect gift to let him know what he means to you. He’s got all the ties and coffee mugs one man could ever need and you’re looking for a new idea to show your dad, husband or […]


Specialized B Service for Your Mercedes-Benz

The servicing of European vehicles is a delicate process and needs just the right touch from an experienced professional. Precision automobiles like the Mercedes-Benz require specific maintenance and check ups at different mileage thresholds. The Mercedes-Benz B Service, for instance, should take place at approximately 20,000 miles or one year after the previous A service. Beckley Automotive’s expert technicians […]