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Winter Isn’t Over Yet!

The days are getting longer and recent precipitation has been more rain than snow, causing most of us to get caught up in “Spring Fever.” But don’t get ahead of yourself – it is still winter and there’s still a good chance of snow, ice and frigid temperatures. Is there a service you were putting […]


The Importance of Bosch Certification

We at Beckley Imports are proud of all of the certifications, awards and knowledge we have earned over the past 34 years.  One of the most prestigious is our continued  Bosch certification.  Why is it so important to have the Bosch stamp of approval?  Bosch certified dealers must first undergo a rigorous certification process.  There […]

Replacing The Headlights In Your European Import

For as long as there have been cars on the roads, they have needed headlights.  Headlights are necessary for safety – that of everyone on the road as well as the driver, himself.  They are essential for driving at night, in rainstorms, snowstorms and fog, and make your European import visible to drivers and pedestrians […]

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Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold This Winter!

Should I replace my battery now, or wait until it dies? A few years ago that was an easier decision. Dead battery? Give it a jump, drive to the shop, replace the battery, problems over. Now it’s much more complicated. Batteries are fitted in trunks, under seats, behind multiple shields and covers making hooking up […]

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“How Often Should I Change My Oil?”

Did you know oil never wears out? It’s the additives in oil that help keep your engine clean and protected that do. Plus, oil gets dirty and abrasive from combustion contaminants which leads to sludge* and premature wear. *We see more engine failures from sludge than old age. Sludge occurs from using the wrong oil […]

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A Smooth-Running European Car or Hot New Pumps… Hard Choice?

My friend Barbara loves her (new to her) BMW. I asked her about keeping it serviced. “I always remember my Dad’s advice,” she said, “Change your oil!” I asked how she managed that. “I usually look for whoever has a coupon. Every dollar I save on car repair I can spend on shoes.” I thought […]


Sale of Saab Auto Could Save the Company-And the Planet

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) has made arrangements to purchase the bankrupt Saab Automobile and convert it into a top manufacturer of electric cars. Saab filed for bankruptcy in December 2011 after halting production last March.  The Chinese-Japanese investment group consisting of Hong Kong-based National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd. and Japanese investment firm Sun Investment […]

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Diesel Car’s “Best 4X4” Goes to Land Rover For Second Year

The Land Rover Discovery 4 is STILL the ‘Best 4X4’ for the second year in a row, according to Diesel Car Magazine. With all-around capabilities, the fourth generation Discovery delivers the tools and comfort to drive “absolutely everywhere”, according to Diesel Car Editor Iain Robertson.  It was first launched in 2009 and has garnered much […]