Des Moines Auto Repair At Beckley’s

Beckley’s has been providing specialized Des Moines Car Repair services for over four decades. Here’s the story from Steve Beckley about why that works for our friends and customers.

“I began my company servicing Mercedes Benz models in 1977 after several years of training on Mercedes at Dave Ostrem Imports. Back then, BMW and Volvo were much less popular and refined. When I began my career some Saabs still required mixing oil with the gasoline.”

There was another advantage in the choice of cars Beckley’s specialized in – enthusiastic owners.

“I always appreciated the design and technology of Mercedes, they are a pleasure to work on. But I soon discovered Mercedes owners were just as enthusiastic about their cars. They are loyal and dedicated to maintaining their cars properly. This made it much more enjoyable.”

As the popularity and sales of other high performance European makes grew the Des Moines European Car Repair demand.

“First I added BMW service, followed by Volvo. I found the same enthusiasm for those makes. Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche were gaining a dedicated following but I resisted working on them. The VW’s were pretty cheap and the early Audi’s were miserable. They broke so often they made us look bad. Today they are all great cars. I’ve owned everything I work on, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo… today I drive an Audi.”

In 1987 Robert Bosch corporation (Germany) asked Beckley’s to be their authorized service center for Central Iowa. Bosch designs and manufactures the systems that power and control the cars Beckley’s service. They are the world’s leading supplier of automotive components including anti-lock braking and fuel-injection systems, engine management electronics, starters and alternators.

“Everything that makes your car stop, go and be safe is a product of Bosch technology. The partnership with Bosch and their factory training allows us to stay proficient in the latest technology.”