Des Moines Auto Repair Shop with AAA approvalNext, Triple A (AAA) asked Beckley Imports to represent them as a Des Moines Auto Repair Shop with AAA Approval.

“This was a great compliment. AAA is very rigorous about choosing the facilities they partner with. It is a confirmation we are serving the Central Iowa community well.”

In 2001 Beckley’s completed construction of their new facility, on the North edge of Downtown at 8th and Crocker street.

“We had to relocate due to the MLK bypass. We were good neighbors and the City of Des Moines saw us as a valuable complement to downtown. They did everything possible to make this work and our new location, one block south of the freeway, has proven very convenient. We’re less than 10 minutes to Valley West Mall.”

Over 33 years as a Des Moines Auto Repair Shop has resulted in many outstanding relationships.

“I like the cars but the most rewarding part is the relationships. Many current clients are friends that go back to the first years and I often take care of their kid’s cars. They say some of the most valuable relationships in a community are a good doctor, a good plumber, and an honest, competent car mechanic. This has always been my goal-the trusted family car repair guy-and it’s worked out very well for all of us.”